The second major reason for water gardening is the life that lives in and around an aquatic environment. Valerie writes: " I have around 8 comets, which are reproducing rapidly. I have 2 one year old bull frogs, and a large toad which all live in here. I would like to get some newts, just haven't gotten my hands on them yet." She also says: "I am also having a problem with a cat I think is eating my fish. I lost a koi, 3 fancy tails, and a black moore. What ever is eating them is leaving no signs." It's probably not a cat, they are not good at catching a fish, especially in a pond that has an area as deep as three feet. Raccoons and skunks are the most likely sources of the problem in the Ottawa area, and can survive readily in an urban environment. Check with your local agricultural department to find out what "urban fishers" are the likely culprits.