A O U - Ponds Sound low tech solutions with high tech results - an informative read, now accompanied by pictures. Zone 6, USA
Fleur d'Eau Available in both English and French. Commercial aquatic supplier, specializing in northern climate plants. Quebec, Canada
A sense of place An interactive site out of the University of Ohio studying the development of prairie environments. Ohio
Aquatic Garden Center: The Water Garden A good commercial site which provides construction, maintenance and planting tips. Chattanooga, Tennessee
AgriWeb Canada Extensive and broad-based Canadian agricultural and gardening links. Canadian web sites are invited to add their URL. Available in English and French


Brian and Lorraine's Pond A 'how we did it' for a large pond from Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
Botaniquel Lists of North American garden tours and garden events (commercial sponsorship)
The Butchart Gardens One of Canada's most famous public gardens. Water features are in "scenes" section. Victoria, British Columbia
Bonsai, Suiseki, Japanese & Chinese Garden Links Largest collection of bonsai related links I've come across so far! Covers everything from propagation and care, to clubs and societies, to personal pages world wide. WWW
Bio-Organics "the leader in organic fertilizer, organic farming and organic gardening" USA
Burns Water Gardens Southern Ontario water garden nursery specializing in hardy plants. Construction and other FAQs, on line catalogue, Canadian import requirements. Great customers' ponds section, including current entry involving conversion of a pool to a pond.
Benson Pond Part of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon . Site concentrates on the wildlife attracted to the pond and other parts of the Refuge.


Calgary Horticultural Society Local club interests, plus cold climate gardening tips. Calgary, Alberta
Canadian Gardening Online companion to magazine: feature garden and interactive gardening chat. Canada
Claude Monet's Garden, Giverny A pictorial tour of the gardens which inspired many of Monet's paintings. Giverny, France
City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes A unique Vancouver, BC site that concentrates on vegetable gardening in an urban environment, but with much information for anyone gardening amidst cars, pollution, and the rest of modern day ills.
Cindy's Garden Pond section is but a small part of the personal garden tour. Zone 6. Staten Island, New York


Debbie's Home Page, AKA
Two Rainy Side Gardeners
An excellent art and garden site, with an equal emphasis on the visual and the written word. Good links for art, pottery, herbs, gardening in general. Regularly updated.Pacific Northwest
Devonian Botanic Garden University of Alberta (Canada). Focus gardens, research programs, wild flower society and more!.
Debbie's Garden Tour. An imaginatively designed, picture-rich site of two gardens in Manitoba, Canada, with an interesting set of links. New URL.
D J Arnett's Home Page Way to go Judy - jack hammering out a pond and moving 1500 lb boulders is indeed a labour of love!
Ducknames' Homepage Two ponds and a number of the water plants they contain are featured.

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