Eliza Lane's Pondside Pond and garden pictures. A busy site that often reaches its transfer limit. Try early in the morning (before 10 am Pacific time).
Edobarn Pond page Good pictures. Visit art galleries through jump to Home Page
The Edible Pond
and Bog Garden
A page on the British site 'Plants for Life', with brief how-to and plant list. Check out the home page for excellent plant information.
Edwinna von Baeyer's Home Page Canadian landscape history site, including on-line newsletter, and a large world-wide historical garden links section.
En trädgård i
Sweden, garden
A good tour of a home garden in northern Sweden, in both Swedish and English, linked to an extensive garden site.
Evergreen Foundation's
Ecology Resource
Network (Canada)
Beyond child-safe and politically correct, there is a lot of information here!


Fish Link Central 'The Internet's Largest Collection of Fish Web Sites', and it is! General garden and pond readers should especially check out the underwater plant, and the pond/koi sections
Flora of Europe Extensive plant listings with descriptions.
Fish in a Barrel A newly launched site out of San Francisco, dedicated to water gardening in barrels which covers all aspects from getting started to care and maintenance. Check out the "Predators" section!
Flowering Perennials - now Redlane Gardens An old friend on-line with a new site: perennial plants (500 varieties of day lilies available on mail order), articles, pictures, and soon to be introduced pond and bog sections.
Fish 'n Hole A pictorial how-to and links section.
Flower Garden A Finnish garden site (in English) with an impressive annotated plant listing by botanical, English, French, German and Finnish common names. And much more!
Fortney's Garden Photographs Excellent photographs of his and other public North Carolina Gardens, as well as photo tours of public gardens around the world.


Gardens North A commercial site, but unique: a seed house for northern (cold climate) rare and traditional perennials, including woodland and Canadian native.
GardenBC Yard and gardening links, on line stores and hydroponics
The Garden Spider's Web A visually interesting approach to promoting a wide variety of personal favorite gardening links.
Georgeson Botanical Garden Alaskan site the most northern I have come across - and a very different set of realities it is - permafrost and planting in a challenging area of the world.
Gardening.com Commercial site. "All zones. Sun or shade. Always in bloom."
GardenNet's The Ardent Gardener Ask The Ardent Gardener. A now incredibly extensive collection of questions and answers, with the promise of a search engine! Excellent for grazing on a rainy day.
Gardenwise British Columbian and Canadian gardening resources, links, plants information.
Glasshouse Works Greenhouses Out of Ohio, this commercial site offers extensive plant pictures and a virtual tour of their gardens, including pond.
Garden Aesthetics Home and business page of an Oregon-based landscape designer. Many excellent pictures, text on the aesthetics of garden design, and a picture gallery users can submit their garden photos to. Well worth a visit!
Garden by Chris Pond & garden home page with growing tips, links & journal.
The Green Gardener A wide variety of gardening advice and links from the point of view of a gardener in central Ontario, Canada.

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