Marion's Homepage Excellent site out of Holland, concentrating on plant pictures, gardening in a very small space, and eurolinks, and "Gardens of the World" submitted by visitors.
My Garden Good page with many North American links to organizations, societies, educational sites, and public gardens. Very popular, can be difficult to reach during peak periods.
Morgan's Pond One page and one picture, but darn I wished I hadn't thrown away my train set!
Museum of Garden History Home Page A virtual tour of 'the world's first garden museum'.
Mertus Gardening Web Page / The 3AM Gardener Mertus Gardening Web Page has closed. Replaced with 3AM Gardener - a gardening web blog..
Maplelawn Historic Garden Bilingual (French & English) graphic intensive site depicting the historic walled garden in Ottawa, Canada.
Mike's Tropical
Pond Page
A home pond page from Saipan borne of the East Asian traditions that surround the Newman's. A lush experience for a northern gardener in the middle of winter!
Meilie 's
Secret Garden
Home pond page featuring an unusual construction technique involving precast, impressed and carved concrete.


Northern Gardening A great site for good pictures, info and links.
New England Wild
Flower Society
Wide range of information of the gardens and programs of the society.
National Wildflower
Research Center
An excellent link site for those interested in developing native plant growth around their ponds.


Ontario Horticultural
Check out the Gopher and FTP gardening & horticulture site links


Perry's Perennial Pages Out of Vermont (USA), a perennial page especially useful for northeastern US, central Canadian and other cold climate gardeners.
PLANTS National Database Home Page Extensive US government plant database, including a limited number of images.
Potomac Waterworks A fellow art and water garden mix! Especially good info on the variety of construction and other technical requirements for residential ponds.
Pond4me's Home Page A tongue-in-cheek pictorial view of a newbie ponder growing older wiser and greyer - but with a pond more impressive every year!
Pond Pals Pond Tour 19 home pond sites linked through pictures; commercial and garden resource links sections.
Priscilla's Pet, Pond And Miniatures Pages A good sense of humour, amply found on the web site, form the basis of an informative look at some of the negatives in above ground pools, wild life visitations, and other pond topics. Pond pictures and guest how-tos.




Royal Botanical
Gardens, Hamilton,
The site is currently undergoing 'reconstruction'. Only a brief history now available.
Rock Spray Nursery: Heathers Commercial mail-order in northeastern USA.
Rooftop Gardens Excerpts from one of many useful articles from Canada's Urban Farmer. For a listing of other available articles, check back through the home link.
Rick and Beths' pond page. A brief view of a home pond, with the promise of more pictures to come.

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