A Small Change
Garden Pond
A how-to guide in 5 parts and links
Strybing Arboretum
& Botanical Gardens
Information on what available at the Strybing
Shubun's Barrel
& Pond Pages
Good page for those thinking about starting into water gardening - how-tos for both barrel gardens and larger in-ground ponds with filtration.
Seeds of Distinction Well organized on-line catalogue of perennial, annual and garden seeds.
Home Page
A short tour of a personal pond with a side order of frogs! as pets.
Seiwa-en Japanese Garden Excellent web site featuring an unusual and informative exploration of the design features of the Japanese garden. Highly recommended.
Suite 101 Gardening A wide variety of on-line gardening columns, each including a top five recommended web site list. World wide, and on all aspects of gardens and gardening.


tranquil moment Associated Koi Clubs of America - A koi collective! A constantly growing number of individual members pages, and links section.
Terry Eymard's
Pond Page
Good pictorial of construction of wooden above-ground pond.
TvE's Pond Page Construction of a wooden above and below ground pond.
Take a Stroll in the
A literary and pictorial walk through various gardens worldwide. Highly recommended! New URL.
The Telegarden A great interactive idea out of southern California - you control a robotic arm/camera to view a garden growing. Unfortunately, very slow (at least through guest entrance) even at optimal time (4:30 am, Pacific time)


University of British
Columbia Botanical
Well known in Canada through CBC-TV garden programs, the site provides pictorial tours in the "Visit the Gardens" and "Nitobe Memorial Garden" Sections


Velda, your specialist
in pond biology
An excellent how-to-build and how-to-maintain site out of the Netherlands. Good looking and easy to use. Note: English version appears off-line during reorganization.
Vatten i trädgården/
Water in the Garden
An excellent and informative home page on pond construction and maintenance, available in both Swedish and English.


The Water Garden A commercial site with lots of good how-tos for the beginner.
WebGarden Excellent searchable data bases for plants (incl. trees and shrubs); for articles written on 44 USA agricultural sites (all climatic zones) and gardening sections most useful for northern USA and Canada climactic zones. Has won 10 Web Awards for a reason!
Waterford Gardens Commercial site with plant material and equipment, as well as a Q&A section and service.
Winter Care Guide for Garden Ponds OK the timing is a bit off! but believe me this will be useful a few months down the road!
Water Lily Cottage An informative California site featuring both water and general gardening, with excellent quality pictures of water and landscapes, as well as aquatic and land plants. Well worth a visit.






Zen Gardens A commercial site with good overviews of the different styles of Japanese gardens.

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